360 Degree Live Streaming provides a unique experience to the person viewing the video. This gives a live experience of an event, a game, a musical concert, product launch, a conference, etc. You can experience each moment of these events as if you are a part of it. You get a chance to interact with the activities happening in a concert or a game and enjoy to a great extent with the comforts of your home or any place you are in. This is a perfect solution for marketing purposes and  many businesses, both big and small adopt this method for the same. The user of 360 Degree Live Streaming is able to have a 360 Degree view of the products or services with the help of the mouse. These 360 VR Live are recorded with the help of multiple lenses and then stitched in a seamless manner. The 360 VR Producers mix other services programming hot spots which are multifunctional and add imaginary information which is computer generated. This is beneficial in marketing. These videos are played in specially developed players or devices.

Opting for 360 Degree Cameras
With the 360 Cameras available with different features, multiple users can make use of the live streaming videos for their own facilities. Opting for Fisheye Camera, assures you of a 360 Degree view from only one lens and this can also give the users the facility of digitally panning, zooming in live or even tilting and storing video.

Coverage being Comprehensive
360 Degree live streaming work perfectly with the 360 Cameras, as these offer the field of view in the widest form eliminating blind-spots. These are ideal for casinos, parking lots, infrastructure sites which are termed’ critical’, municipal parks and a lot more.

Savings on the Cost
Fewer infrastructures and cameras are required for monitoring a given area due to wide field-of-view. With the requirement of fewer cameras, the up-front cost is brought down and also low maintenance cost for the entire process. Besides which, hemispheric cameras ensure the minimal requirement of the network bandwidth and hence the frame rates are on the lower side during no activity or low activity periods.

Moving Parts
360 Degrees cameras offer more benefits as compared to pan-tilt-zoom mechanical cameras, which make these a better option for specific installations. As these do not have any moving parts, they are able to avoid the lagging as the PTZ devices. Additionally, these cameras last longer, making this a wise investment.

Flexibility Improved
360 degrees offer more flexibility for operational purposes. They enable to record and view any scene live in comparison to PTZ cameras, which focus only on one area and miss out the rest. With the above benefits, the security surveillance use this camera as compared to others. These are also beneficial in other fields like real estate, marketing of businesses and different industries and also for recording social events like weddings and funerals. 360 Live VR is the modern aspect of technology which is a boon to the marketing industry and for security surveillance.

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What is 360Live VR? Virtual reality is the three dimensional computerized  representation of an environment or an image which can be visited or connected by many users for creating various avatars of themselves and immerse individually in that environment .The visitors get a chance to explore and interact with the virtual world. They can participate in its actions and connect with others.  The different representations or live videos  deal with similar features of an environment or an event.   The multiple users and players can enjoy the interesting facts that exist in nature or the  real world. The user can view the video according to his convenience, by zooming or changing the angle,  and thus experience a degree of involvement and fascination.
360 degree video makers can turn the difference between virtual reality and a real world through the live streaming videos. These videos are very comprehensive and extremely visually oriented. Sound effects, camera angles and zoom in features enable the viewer to have an immersive and panoramic feel .The three dimensional worlds has given way to virtual reality which in turn has embraced the 360 live VR.

Online Broadcasting and the various videos available

Online broadcasting is not just about 360degree videos or the three dimensional use of camera placements, it has a much broader scope. The 360 video makers have harnessed the vast potential of the emergent medium and the many videos on social networking sites deals with gaming videos or videos by music artists. However, there are other videos that make their presence  in the wider virtual world. Let’s have a look at the different types of videos available in the industry:

  • Music videos that conform to the 360 degree live video streaming.  This can either be achieved in a paid medium or a free hosting channel with the channel branding on the video. This successfully creates an impact in exchange of some free bandwidth.
  • Virtual tours that are used by many corporate and travel agencies, hotels to provide information on their services and hospitality. These are also used for navigational purposes and travel plans.
  • Event shows and product campaigns by multinational companies that are on the lookout for an effective medium to get their products and services accords to an ambient audience at the click of a button. This mode is highly interactive and its easy for such corporates to get surveys and market research in an easy and effective manner.
  • Webcasting and web forums, meetings, video conferencing facilities.
  • Landscape shootings, adventure shootings, Live 360 VR showing photography and terrains at their best.

The videos are made with an intension as per the client’s requirements. The 360 VR producers are well aware of all these shootings and the use of sophisticated cameras, drones and tripods. These 360 videos are meant for high end virtual headsets such as the Samsung Headgear or the Oculus Rift or mounted display units that add to the sound effects. These videos also have a built in zoom in feature for added entertainment.

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The virtual world is undergoing a sea change with the  fast progress in the present day technology. It is no surprise that this has lead to numerous virtual reality videos. A lot of companies have invested in the virtual reality medium, resulting in the introduction of a variety of new software, headsets and high end devices. The Virtual reality videos are viewed in more than one venue and platform, by the VR enthusiasts from open to close. It is a grand moment for virtual reality as an ascendant media platform; one that is nearing the zenith in marketing industry.

Virtual Reality – the Basic Facts
What is virtual reality? Well, it is presenting something that is so immersive and so interactive that the viewer feels like he is a part of the frame. Every minute detail is captured by way of numerous cameras, in a coordinated cohesive manner. The zoom in feature of the live streaming video, aids in the enhancement of visual media. With the emergence of divergent trends, a lot of platforms are available for an online broadcaster to put forth his product or his talent in front of the audience.

The 360 degree video makers are aware of this divergence and they work to generate  many videos according to the client’s interest. A team of specialists is involved in developing your 360 Live VR content and they provide services even after the production is over. The editing of such videos is really crucial as care has to be taken of each shot captured by a multitude of cameras and sometimes, by drones too. This medium is used for high end viewing in similar smart phones or Oculus Rifts or headgears, therefore, the frames have to be edited carefully to check for overlapping between the seams. Any overlapping needs to be taken care of, else the viewer will get nauseous and will result in disconnect between the viewer and the video.

The equipment that is used by the 360 VR producers is state of the art and cutting edge, which includes wide angle shots, zoom features, usage of Giga pixel, drones etc. 360 degree live video streaming is a fixed perspective which has the ability to look around in all directions and in all angles by the viewer. This is the standard for Google Cardboard, Maps and Samsung Headgear and mostly of the New York Times VR, for instance.

Purposes and Scope

  • Game engines are the most preferred platform for 360 VR Live. However , there are broader uses to this medium and the 360 degree live video streaming can be used for broadcasting event shows pertaining to corporate bigwigs , fashion shows, business conferences to be broadcasted to the shareholders and other stakeholders of the companies, webcasting etc.
  • The immersive video is as close to reality and perfection as possible. This is why virtual reality medium has become extremely popular even in the music and entertainment industry where the music videos and television shows can be downloaded in such video format and reach the audience effectively.
  • Virtual tours and landscape documentaries and social messages can also be circulated by means of the 360 degree live streaming, provided you have a good bandwidth for the process.
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The latest buzzword in the field of the tech world is virtual reality (VR). The current revolutionary technology uses the Oculus Rift and the virtual reality headset and transports you into a realm of immersive videos. Video games have been successful in achieving this aspect; however it is the virtual reality 360 degree video makers who have taken it into a whole new arena.

The Process and the Expertise  
So how does this work? A team of professionals who are the pioneers of your 360 live VR experience are the right hand of this project. They assess the client requirements and work on the specifics of the shooting and the new rules and equipment to capture a live streaming video. This step is followed by different procedures for video production. The 360 degree VR producers do a commendable job as they transport the end user to a virtual tour world, where the customer gets a full panoramic view and can even see each and every frame by zooming in. This is essential for landscape videos and for virtual tours such as Google Maps. Other than Google, companies like Samsung also rely on 360 degree videos to promote their events and corporate product launches. This is one effective way of getting to the end viewer who can be customers, shareholders, marketers, media, social networking, etc.

New tech rules of the century
State of the art equipment is used to relay the live 360 VR. Specially designed 3D camera rigs hold 6 or 10 Gore Hero4 cameras in a round spherical shape. The cameras are well mounted in specific angles and overlapping portions of each camera is integrated as far as the whole Live VR is concerned. This overlap eradicates any footage gaps and allows for high level flexibility between the seams. Drones, tripods, etc. are commonly used for the 360 degree live streaming.

  • 360 degree live video streaming is like the regular video shooting, but is much more complex and comprehensive. While the video shoot, anything in front of the camera is covered by the device. The whole process aims at a panoramic view of the scene. Camera placements with the available lighting need to be coordinated by the professionals to get a whole immersive experience.
  • Camera locations and movement are other things to consider. Webcasting, live streaming and event broadcasting online in a 360 degree live streaming, involves serious coordination with the immersive video. Every movement has to be intentional and calculated otherwise, it will cause a feeling of disgust and disconnect between the viewer and the video.
  • Once the video is captured, it has to be edited accordingly. This involves various procedures and techniques. The footage per camera per location has to be synchronized and stitched together before it gets into an Oculus Rift, virtual headgear or any other mobile, or an internet device and this is possible with the hard work of experts who make this better suited for a new blog.
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In the modern era, the product manufacturers opt for every possible new and attractive tactic to influence more of the customers and expand their sales. In addition to utilizing all means of communication to reach their customers, the product manufacturers, and renowned brand names have opted for endorsing the celebrities as well. Right from the renowned faces of the movie world, the successful players of the sports world to the noted writers, singers, and the successful business personnel are approached as brand ambassadors by the companies in order to attract more of the attention of the buyers.

The reason behind endorsing a brand by a popular celebrity is mainly related to the emotions of the common buyers. Whether through a movie, a particular sport or through an exceptional work of art, when a person excels in his field of work, he automatically wins the heart of the common people and build a strong rapport with people although they do not connect in person with the masses or audiences. He/she turns into an idol for the general people who likes to imitate him/her as much as they can. Anything he/she does, wears, eats, or applies on their face and body, or drinks becomes the thing of interest for people and they too crave for that particular product in their day to day life. This is the one strongest reasons for assigning the celebrities with the job of product promotion.

LivestreamPro is an experienced and acclaimed service provider which has records of designing and streaming campaigns associating the celebrities. Companies looking for endorsing their products by the famous  celebrities and interested in a wider publicity of their promotions can very well aided by LivestreamPro’s advanced services.

All sorts of products like branded clothing, eye gear, footwear, edibles, beverages, household equipment, kitchen utensils, beauty products and cosmetics, automobiles, gadgets, and even the loan and debentures are being promoted through the help of the LivestreamPro engaging the celebrities.

The companies and media houses with the help of such celebrities, try to influence more of the buyers and win their heart so that the sale of the product rises. The advertisement campaigns prepared linking the celebrities are later released in the media and in online broadcasting to reach a wider mass through easiest efforts and at the fastest pace.

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