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Live Webcasting - Use Live Streaming Media to Communicate

What is Live Webcasting (Streaming)?

Live Webcasting refers to the process of distributing a webcast media file over the Internet. The term ‘webcast’ literally means broadcasting over the web. It directly pertains to non-interactive linear events and streams. Live webcasting is done with the help of streaming media technology. Other than live streaming, webcast media video may also get distributed on the Internet for on demand viewing.

Live webcasting is carried out for transmitting particular audio and video content in a linear form over the Internet. A single content source is lifted and distributed amongst numerous viewers and listeners through the streaming media technology. Some of the largest webcasters who function on the basis of this procedure and simultaneously broadcast their outputs are the radio and television stations.

To carry out live webcasting, proper certification along with webcasting licenses is necessary. For Live webcasting or broadcast on the Internet, only copyrighted materials can be used. Also, live webcasting is nowhere similar to web conferencing which is an essential mode of multi-level interaction.

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We at LiveStreamPro have extensive experience of handling various forms of webcasting that are successfully used in businesses, educational institutions, entertainment industry and numerous kinds of personal and professional events.

The situations in the contemporary market and the trend towards tech-savvy orientation have led to extensive use of webcasting in the commercial market. Nowadays, most business organizations prefer webcasting or streaming technology for conducting all their presentations, Annual General Meetings, Product Launches, e-learning, seminars, etc. Webcasting helps them widen their audiences in the most cost efficient manner.

LiveStreamPro offers services of international standards that enable the streaming of numerous independent videos online on a regular basis. With our quality webcasting services, we give an effective and inexpensive option of producing features on interesting topics and thereon broadcast them over the Internet. Each of the services we provide has scope for absolute mobility allowing us to capture and stream all sorts of outdoor and indoor events with similar ease. Thereon we provide live streaming of events through live webcasting at any preferred location around the globe.

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LiveStreamPro provides comprehensive solutions to all your live webcasting needs. At LiveStreamPro, we will assist you in broadening the boundaries of your message and reach to your global audience, thereby boosting the level of engagement of prospective clients, at a price that is most favorable in the entire market. From press meetings to board meetings, from delegations to town hall events, from business announcements to foreign delegations, we provide the best customised webcasting solutions to take care of all your marketing and promotion needs.

Applications of Webcasting


  • Webinars
  • Live Presentations
  • Shareholder Meetings
  • Professional Development
  • Training Tutorials
  • Strategy Updates
  • Addressing Staff
  • Corporate Announcements
  • Marketing Presentations
  • Product Demos
  • Advertisements
  • Promotional Videos
  • Road Shows


  • Live Online Lectures
  • On-demand Recorded Lectures
  • E-learning Modules
  • Online Tuitions
  • Vocational Training
  • Hobby Courses and Workshops



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